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about-usReal, Dynamic Relationships Are The New Networking.

“Want more connections, relationships, buyers, and clients? MasterClass Networking teaches you the skills you need to succeed.”

People want strong, authentic relationships.

Simple, yet powerful strategies are the new currency that creates value in your personal and business lives… It’s called “NETWORTHING”.

Learning the right way to connect, communicate and develop great relationships not only determines how well you do personally and in business, but also how you do in life.

Embracing this great information is the smartest strategy for helping you grow personally and add value to your business.

These skills are what will set you apart for success.

Masterclass Networking is ALL about helping you achieve these goals.

About MasterClass Networking…

Welcome to MasterClassNetworking.com – a membership site that helps people add value to their personal and business lives.

My name is Leo Petrik and I’m a professional Networker and educator, helping people create the relationships that they want and need for mutual benefit and success.

I’m also an author and speaker… but more about that later.

From Hobby to Profession…

Back in early 1977, when I was almost 22Leo Speaking 1 (yes I am that old), I stumbled upon this thing called ‘networking’. I didn’t know it at the time, but that moment changed my life. I know that statements like that belong on those cheesy, ‘Buy my $12,000 training program’ sites (don’t worry I’m not selling anything more than a membership course), but it is actually true.

Within a few months of attending these networking get-togethers, I was starting to build my personal confidence (I was an extremely shy person… what the heck was I doing in sales), but it was all impacting positively on my work; I was hooked. I learned so much from the experience that ‘networking’… connecting and communicating with people became a passion.

Over the years as I read articles, books, watched and studied great connectors and relationship builder’s, my own personal skills began to grow (boy, I wish I had had a mentor back then, it would have saved a lot of time).

Unfortunately, I discovered that most people didn’t share the same passion for learning as I had, and although they attended numerous networking functions the results they were achieving were very poor.

So what started out as a hobby became a lifestyle choice. I developed a passion for helping others become better connectors, communicators and relationship builder’s, so that they could also have the successes that I was enjoying.

That’s how MasterClass Networking came about.

Why MasterClass Networking?

This site is dedicated to helping people learn the skills of connecting, creating great conversations and developing truly authentic and powerful relationships. Where members can share their own personal human experiences and promote the ‘networthing’ idea.

I started developing MasterClass Networking in November 2014 mainly because I have been involved in professional networking for many years, and like you, I have been angered, disappointed and frustrated by the chunky, clunky and next to useless information that is out there. There’s lots of what’s, where’s, who’s and when’s…. BUT far too little “How to really do it.”

The how’s are all far too general with very little practical application and very little if any, “WHY are we doing this”, and it made me crazy wasting so much time and money and getting nowhere fast.

I also want to connect with people both personally and in business who also are committed to achieving success through social and business interactions, but who don’t have a lot of time to do the study that I and others have done.

So I have created a simple, effective step-by-step program that takes you very little time each week, yet each lesson has profound impacts on your personal and business lives.

If you would like more information on MasterClass Networking please get in touch through our ‘contact page’ and also join with us on Facebook and like our MasterClass Networking Page’ and become part of this dynamic community.


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