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“Tired of wasting your time,

money and effort

for very little results

(or maybe even none),

from your networking efforts?”

“Would you like to make better connections and develop

powerful relationships that create vastly improved profits for you?”

Hi, I’m Leo Petrik… I have been involved in professional networking for many years, and like you, I have been angered, disappointed and frustrated by the chunky, clunky and next to useless information that is out there. There’s lots of what’s, where’s, who’s and when’s…. BUT far too little, “How to really do it.”

The how’s are all far too general with very little practical application and very little if any, “WHY are we doing this”, and it made me crazy wasting so much time and money and getting nowhere fast. So I have created a simple, effective, step-by-step program which has worked for me and others, that takes you very little time each week, yet each lesson has profound impacts on your personal and business lives.

In as little as 12 weeks you WILL improve your confidence and networking results by at least 500%.

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Here’s what our members learn…

solid 3The REAL foundations

(which no one ever tells you about),

that GUARANTEE networking success.

Here you will get answers to these UNASKED questions and create a base that will grow

successful and profitable connections, conversations and the development

of powerful relationships.

Find out WHY you want and NEED to network and build powerful relationships.

Everyone needs to build connections and relationships. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in business, a job, a student, running your family or a single person looking for developing new friends and relationships… If you don’t know the real purpose for getting out there and meeting people, then you are handicapping yourself. It’s like trying to run a race in concrete shoes.

Here we help you identify your purpose in developing good relationships… Which is the first critical step in actually building great relationships.

Identify WHAT type of networking and relationship building you want to do… what’s your goal?

Not every type of event is going to give you the results you’re looking for. Most people go to different types of events regularly with no idea whether they’re going to get a good or reasonable result. The fact is: most people leave social or business events feeling extremely dissatisfied, frustrated that they have wasted their time and effort for no result.

Knowing where to put your energy and leverage your time more effectively is going to create greater results, using less resources like your time, money and effort.

WHO do you need to connect with… what connections are going to be the most beneficial to you?

Not every business or social event is going to be helpful to you in achieving your relationship goals. In fact most people don’t even have a goal or purpose when they go to business or social events, and as a consequence they get poor results or worse – because of this lack of focus, they never achieve anything!

This program creates clear, defined goals that will effectively guarantee a successful result no matter what business or social events you attend.

If you want to meet the right people, you really need to know the best time to connect with them, WHEN they are available to you is an obvious consideration for you to achieve ‘connection’ success.

Most people generally go to business and social events when it is convenient for them, without giving ANY thought as to whether they are going to get a good result or not. The funny part is, the people they WANT to meet and NEED to talk to, or connect with, are probably attending functions at an altogether different time.

WHEN you network – whether it is social or business – is very important, and here you will learn to assess and decide WHEN it is going to be the best time for you to get the greatest result.

If you don’t know WHERE you are going to meet the right people, then you are really wasting your time.

WHERE you go to meet these people goes hand in hand with WHEN, and making this decision to determine when is the most effective time and place to meet the people, is going to create the greatest value to you…

A little planning and having some idea about the type of person you want to connect with is quite important.

… And HOW are you going to do this…?

… the HOW is what you are going to learn here!

Learn these foundation steps well, and you WILL increase the results of your networking at least 500%

Special Questions

Leo recently came to Tasmania to conduct a number of seminars for me in Hobart and Launceston. The comments about his presentations were "dynamic and inspiring", "loved the pig story", "you made me realise how little I know about networking" and many more! Thanks for your warm and open manner towards our members. If you want a dynamic and knowledgeable educator get Leo. He loves life !

Daniel Garlick Owner at Ozvox Media, Media & Communications Consultant & Voiceover Artist Vientiane, Laos December 18, 2015

MC AttractionLearn how to become the person who people

“WANT” to stay connected with.

Become the most memorable person in the room.

  • Let us show you how to “Stop Being Boring”.
  • Make an impression in less than 60 seconds that will encourage others to connect with you.
  • Learn how to develop your “Single Most Valuable Trait” – “LISTENING”
  • Build your most powerful asset – your confidence – through reconnecting with your authenticity and natural vulnerability (these are truly potent elements of your personality, hardly weaknesses)!
  • Make them laugh.
  • Discover the importance of good “Body Language”, and how important some of the simplest gestures can be to your success.
  • Recognize and learn the effective and simple steps on “How to Be Memorable”…
  • Learn to create the foundations of trust simply and effectively to help you develop powerful relationships quickly.

… in other words, we can help you become the most sought after person in any personal or group situation.

Leo is one of the most energetic people I know! I highly recommend you connect with him to build your business by referral through developing strong networks. Collaborating with Leo will ensure that you experience success and adventure all at the same time!

Paula Frazier Best Selling Author & Referral Marketing Expert Roanoke, Virginia, USA December 18, 2015

AskMastering the most powerful tool in personal and

business relationships, “Asking”.

Here you will re-learn your single most powerful childhood asset

“The Power of Asking”!

This single ability will totally change your personal and business life and revolutionize the way you recreate your future.

Learn to…

  1. Make it easy for people to say, “Yes.”
  2. Discover the ‘better’ questions to ask that start great conversations. 
  3. Establish your credibility, (people ALWAYS do business, or connect with you, when they know, like and trust you).
  4. Be concise and get to the point, don’t waffle, (EVERYONE has a tendency to waffle; stand out from the crowd and stick to the point).
  5. Give a time frame for your conversation, so that people know you are not going to waste their time (and surprisingly your own).
  6. Be interesting and interested (more about this later).
  7. Never use the word “synergy”, and a few other words that will turn people off in any conversation.

Don't Have Time

I used to think that attending networking functions was a complete waste of time. Only rarely did I meet someone worth talking to... mostly I got stuck with "that guy or girl", who just wanted to sell me something "right here, right now!" Since finding out how Leo does it, I can politely excuse myself from conversations I don't want to be in and find and introduce myself to people I do want to talk to. Now I make great connections at nearly every networking opportunity. I highly recommend Leo's training to everyone who needs to make new connections and meet new people no matter what their circumstances.

Iain G. MacKenzie Senior Project Manager & Business Consultant at Results In A Minute Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia December 20, 2015

DevelBuilding_skillsoping these true

“JEDI” skills of

connecting with people.

Embrace these simple yet powerful steps and you will become

the most sought after conversationalist in your

sphere of influence… MASTER them, and literally every door

in the world can be opened to you.

All future Master Communicators will learn these steps…

  • Breathe, relax and find your center, draw on your inner confidence (everybody at the meeting or social event, was once like you used to be).
  • Control the room.
  • Be approachable and make eye contact.
  • Be the first person to say hello, introduce yourself, and ask them about them.
  • Be the first person to exit a group if you feel there is no value in the conversation (make it easy for people and they will love you for it).
  • Being able to leave a group with the one valuable connection you have made, “elegantly”, without any discomfort or disruption to others.
  • All basic questions you will need to find common ground, start conversations, extricate yourself from unsatisfactory connections and develop quality conversations… ‘here is your toolbox‘.
  • Be fully present and LISTEN (the single most powerful communication skill that Richard Branson uses).
  • Knowing how to decide whether or not you advance to the next step with your new connection (connect with the right people and often they will make the first move and suggest a next meeting).
  • Oh, and lighten up… don’t make it harder than it is, because it isn’t hard at all.

The first words out of Leo's mouth were so valuable I can't help but write him a testimonial. I was getting a bit disheartened with networking. The time I put in, didn't seem to be paying off. I'm so snowed under with a painting project and my real estate portfolio that I felt my time was too valuable to waste on things that don't pay dividends. Leo has re-energised me with his clever pointers on how to succeed at networking.

Sheila Benhamou Artist and Sculptor at Sheila Benhamou Design Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia December 20, 2015

MC Powerful RelationshipsCreating powerful, effective relationships

that work!

Here you will develop the skills that are at the very heart

of human communication and at the core of effective

and profitable business networking and social interaction.

Once you have decided to take the next step with your connections, you will…

  1. Follow-up professionally and ethically.
  2. Have a goal and build your relationships with intent.
  3. Meet your connections for a face-to-face meeting (a coffee meeting will always generate a greater result than either text or e-mail ever will).
  4. Ask better questions to elicit better responses to further your relationships.
  5. LISTEN… LISTEN… LISTEN, then talk.
  6. Determine how you can help them fulfill their needs and goals (because it IS, all about THEM).
  7. Be willing to learn from each relationship.
  8. Determine a mutually beneficial goal that you can both work on.
  9. Follow-through on all of your mutual decisions and stay in touch with your new connections.
  10. Learn and use the power of reciprocity.
  11. Share quality and qualified referrals with your connections.
  12. Focus on building trust with each and every one of your connections.

… And much, much more.

I know Leo in both a professional and personal sense and can say that he is one of the most forthright and committed individuals I have come across in recent years. He is full of passion to create success not only for himself but more importantly for others and his level of energy and commitment is unsurpassed. Leo is a rather extraordinary person who leaves an impression only matched by his physical presence. He is a man who speaks his mind yet is willing to listen, which are all essential aspects of someone in his position. His experiences in life lend well to his role in helping businesses develop better and stronger network connections. I am pleased to include Leo in my own network of business connections and value his opinions in business and as a friend.

Greg Tomkins Director Southport, Queensland, Australia December 18, 2015

MC Social MediaDiscover the real place social media has in your

communications arsenal.

Social media is here to stay but it isn’t the universal

communication resource that the news media and so-called

social media experts would have us believe.

There is a place for social media in your connection and communication arsenal and it can be a powerful tool to help you build strong and effective relationships…

Just remember, that it is only a tool, and nothing more.

Here you will learn the benefits of using Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

There are other types of social media platforms to use, and we will touch on a few of them, but many of them will have little impact on your connection, communication and relationship building efforts.

No Money

Leo is a man who is really spreading around his positivity. A real warm lion-heart who stands behind his ideals.  An exceptional personality to have in your network. Join his MasterClass Networking - it's guided by a wonderful, idealistic person with a great mind and huge heart.

Andreja Lajh Founder & Director at Haut de Gamme Ltd Ljubljana, Slovenia December 18, 2015

Putting-it-all-togetherPutting it all together and realizing

your profit potential…

… and that’s money in the bank for you!

Just think how much better your results would be if you constantly made more of the right kind of connections!

If you can’t wait to get started and want instant access, simply click on the link below right now. You’ll then be taken to our secure area.

Sign up now and profit from EVERY business or social event you attend, for only $47.00 a month.

Enjoy your journey to Master Communicator and Networker.

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