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The Times They Are A Changin’

13233132_1321723061176405_10448040318395431_nThe Times They Are A Changin’, classic lyrics by the remarkable music legend Bob Dylan.

Truer words haven’t been said for quite sometime… but here they are because the times they ARE a changin’…

This year there is a different energy, unfortunately for many this could mean potentially a worse year than last year (just telling the truth)… BUT… only if you don’t do anything about it.

For those of us who are starting to see some major shifts in a more positive direction, the realisation that were coming to the end of a very traumatic economic cycle is good news.

It is still going to be a little while, I believe about 18 months before we see significant changes in the press and how they are reporting things.

With this in mind Og Mandino’s words are critical… RIGHT NOW!

We all need to start laying the foundations or rebuilding the foundations of our lives and our businesses to get ready for the next major prosperity cycle.

One place to start is relearning, or rather unlearning how we connect with people and build relationships.

So come and check out MasterClass Networking and discover how you can do this… and pick up my top five secrets to networking success. – http://bit.ly/MCNetworking

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