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What’s Stopping You From Success?

Believe In YourselfWhat does success in business… being a world champion boxer… a writer of successful novels or someone who can talk themselves out of trouble all the time have in common?

Simple really…

They believe in themselves unconditionally.

Guess what… they aren’t like that all the time… but they ALWAYS ARE when it counts… and most times it counts a lot.

They are really no different than you or I… they simply doubt themselves less often and focus on what they HAVE TO DO more often. Which is actually something you can do if you apply yourselves.

Applying yourself includes being LESS distracted and KNOWING (that’s actually preparing stuff), exactly the tasks you need to achieve to create a successful outcome.

Know what you want, know the value of what you are doing and work out what the primary task is worth from a dollar perspective… then focus on the task


If you focus on the money… you will always be chasing your tail… but if you focus on the task… you will get it done… the money… will look after itself.

Follow this simple diagram… work out what it is you want to achieve… then do it… and before too long the results will just keep on coming…

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